Trip to Dornbirn

Trip to Dornbirk, Austria

Fairmotel Dornbirn, formerly known as Royal Orchid Hotel, is an exquisite business hotel in Dornbirn having several non-smoking lounge rooms. The Fairmotel is not suited for children as the swimming pools are not deep enough and the beach front is too crowded. So the best option if you are planning a family vacation is to plan your trip to Dornbirn in spring or summer, when the waters are warm and the beaches are nice and smooth. Summer is also a good season to take your family or kids on a tour to Dornbirn to see some of the castles. The whole village is really attractive during summers.

The Royal Orchid Hotel is another popular business travel hotels in Dornbirn, Austria. This hotel is very near the railway station and offers easy access to Dornbirn from the airport. The Royal Orchid Hotel offers a large variety of rooms and suites, all of which are elegantly designed and furnished. The hotel caters mainly to couples and honeymooners, but it does have some rooms available that are suitable for families. There is an unconfirmed report that the Orchid may be considering bringing this part of their hotel into the future.

Fairhare is an upscale bed and breakfast in Dornbirn, Austria. The hotel is also known as the Hermitage. This hotel has eleven rooms that have been furnished in contemporary style. These rooms are located in two parts of the building; a chic garden-style area near the fountain and an earth courtyard surrounded by a palisade wall. There is no children’s room in this hotel and the majority of guests are couple or family. You can order your breakfast from the hotel’s cafe or you may want to consider breakfast at one of the nearby restaurants.

The third and final place you will want to stop in while in Dornbirn, Austria is the Town Hall. This beautiful town hall is made of marble and features a grand auditorium, a library, and public offices. This is the town’s main building and was constructed in 1886. The museum area contains several art pieces, while the town square and town Hall is the location of the annual “Dornburg Steam Train festival.” No matter what you wish to do while in Dornbirn, Austria, you will find a beautiful area that has something for everyone here.

Dornbirn, Austria is a beautiful mountain resort with many different attractions. It is only twenty-five kilometers from Salzburg, the largest city in Austria, and is right off the train line that brings you to this wonderful little mountain resort. This makes it a great weekend getaway that you can take with your entire family.

There are so many beautiful attractions to see while in Dornbirn, Austria. This lovely little town offers so much to do while you are there. It is well worth making the trip when you have the opportunity, but even if you are planning a short vacation with just the family this year, it will be a great choice.