Trip to Pleternica is a dream destination for lovers of art and architecture. A small-town Santorini, Greece island with magnificent ancient monuments and beautiful beaches is blessed with natural beauty and tranquility. It has an old world charm with lots of places to see and visit. A typical trip to the place includes visiting the Parthenon temple, Etruscan castle, Themis rock and Agra Fort. Some of the other must see places are Veli Triglav Island, Thessaloniki Island, Kolonaki Island, Kefalonia Island, etc.

The weather in Greece island is quite ideal and makes for great picnics in the spring. The best season is from April to May. Most visitors come during the spring so that they get to see the lovely sunsets.

Trip to Pleternica is incomplete without a trip to Zodirremos Cave. This is one of the largest ancient stone caves in the world. There is a museum here with a lot of artifacts and illustrations. It offers fascinating insights into Greek civilization and life during the classical period. The cave has a restaurant where you can eat the best food.

Other places of interest are the Temple of Athena Nike, the Temple of Castor and Pollux, the Acropolis, the New Temple and the Arch of Triumph. These all draw a lot of visitors especially those who love antiquities and ancient things. They find this place a perfect getaway from the hustle bustle of city life. They can also participate in many activities organized here.

One of the most popular activities organized here is the Triathlon World Cup. Athletes from across the world come to participate in this triathlon competition. The event attracts many tourists because they get to see what it takes to race in the Olympic standard. It is held in the island of Katakolon. You will need to book a trip for this event well in advance, because there are only about 6 places which get access to the Olympic courses.

If you are going to Paris or any other major city in France, then your best trip option is to take a train journey. You will not experience the city like you do on a cruise ship because you do not have to walk around. This gives you a chance to explore Paris and its many attractions. It also gives you time to shop and enjoy the shopping opportunities available here. While you are on the train, you can even take a detour to Antibes to visit the ancient Roman ruins.