Trip to Nicaragua – a true adventure travel experience! This itinerary is the perfect combination of beautiful scenery, thrilling activities and historic ruins. The spectacular mountains of Nicaragua – located between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean – are a stunning Central American country famous for its spectacular landscape of snowy mountains, enormous lakes, tropical forests and white sandy beaches. The most popular and picturesque destination to visit in this part of Central America is Granada, renowned for its Spanish colonial buildings and an exquisite cluster of navigable coral islands off its coast.

The trip to Nicaragua offers travellers a variety of destinations to choose from, including the spectacular coastline, rich tropical forested terrain and captivating marine life. Whilst in Nicaragua, tourists can explore the many cultural artisans’ communities, where they learn to create beautiful handicrafts, woodcarvings and jewellery. In addition to visiting the artisans, it is a good way to experience life on the open plains, which are surrounded by vast palm trees and are often overlooked by tourists. Further north, travellers can find a more developed tourist market along the Pacific Ocean, where restaurants sell seafood, fresh fish and locally prepared meals.

One of the main benefits of travelling to this part of Central America is that it is safe to go out in the daytime. However, it is advised that you get involved in some basic first aid training while in the daytime, especially in rural areas, as there are a high number of cases of dangerous snakebites. If you’re travelling on your own, make sure you have a good knowledge of basic first aid and safety issues when out in the open. Remember to carry a jacket with you, as it’s a good idea to have your cellphone with you as well, in case you come across an emergency situation that requires immediate medical attention. You should also take along a reliable map of Nicaragua, as well as a list of all the main tourist attractions, so that you can arrange your accommodation arrangements, tours etc accordingly.

Another travel safely tip for travellers going to Nicaragua is that it is best to stay away during periods of high political unrest. In 2021, for example, there was a major earthquake, with over 4 million people reportedly killed and cities crumbled to the ground. There has been no evidence to suggest that any of the victims were trying to get into the United States or Canada, so if you’re planning on travelling to Nicaragua, you could stay safe by checking when the nearest mass market is, as well as if there will be any street markets in which you can buy food. You should also try and stay away during at least the months of March and April, as these are the months when massive anti-government demonstrations are most common.

For all intents and purposes, getting around Nicoya, the main city in Nicaragua, isn’t difficult. The roads are relatively safe, as there are a number of international hospitals and clinics in the city, as well as buses and taxis. Getting to and from the airport is also easy, with a number of taxis and buses available to pick-up tourists. Getting to the rural areas, however, can be a bit more difficult, especially as the majority of the population is indigenous Andinas. It may be a good idea to hire a driver from a tour company or a local driver, as they can usually get around the countryside relatively quickly and also guide you into remote and dangerous territory.

One of the best travel tips for female travellers going to Nicaragua is to keep clothing appropriate for the climate and the area in which you are travelling. The Andes Mountains is a fairly warm and humid region, but it’s important that you dress in layers comfortably, as the sun can really get onto your skin. If you’re planning to visit the urban areas, then a short sleeveless shirt and light footwear are always a good way to go. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to bring a pair of sunglasses, as these will help protect your eyes from the high temperatures and strong winds experienced by many Nickels. Overall, the weather in Nicaragua is favourable for backpackers and travellers, and a trip to this part of South America will ensure that you never forget your travels.